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  • Application Profiles
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    • Description: Using metadata in a heterogeneous systems environment
    • By: Rachel Heery, Maewyn Cumming
      Rachel works for UKOLN at the University of Bath, as Assistant Director leading the Research and Development team. Rachel has undertaken research over recent years in the field of metadata, resource discovery and information architectures. She brings to this role wide experience of the implementation and development of information management systems in the commercial and library sectors. She has a particular interest in schema registries and application profiles which have been central to the SCHEMAS project, an activity which is being taken forward within a new European project CORES. Rachel has been active in the development of the Dublin Core, and has given presentations at a number of DCMI international workshops and meetings, she co-chairs the DCMI Registry Working Group, and is a member of the Dublin Core Advisory Board.
      Maewyn Cumming is Senior Policy Adviser on Interoperability and Metadata at the Office of the e-Envoy in the UK Cabinet Office. Maewyn is responsible for developing the e-Government Metadata Standard and implementation policy. After graduating in Information Science at the Polytechnic of North London 1990 Maewyn worked mainly in Government Libraries, first at Department of the Environment, then the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. She moved to the Cabinet Office in 1999, working on the Government's Information Asset Register before moving to her current position in 2001.