Italian National Bibliography - Introduction





The Italian National Bibliography has recorded, since 1958, the country’s publishing deposited with the BNCF by legal deposit laws. The material is recorded following the chronological order they are received by the Library. Santa Croce Therefore, the BNI bibliographic year coincides with the accession year. The current series includes only material printed or published over the last two years. Materials published before that time are included in issues irregularly published as supplements to the main series.

Since 1886, with the publication of the Bollettino delle pubblicazioni italiane ricevute per diritto di stampa, the National Central Library of Florence became the National Bibliographic Agency. As foreseen by the international standards on national bibliography, the institutional aim of the BNI is to record the bibliographic information about the national publishing activity, in all forms of advertising and in various media, in a timely manner, with complete coverage, and with the highest authority level to assure controlled access points to bibliographic information (by author, title, subject, and DDC numbers).

The BNI catalogue is not identified with the catalogue of the National Central Library of Florence, although it feeds both the BNCF OPAC and SBN Index 

Translated by Elisabetta Viti

(Last update  May 27th 2016)

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